That’s me, that’s my work.

Hi, let me present you a selection of my work. I hope you will enjoy it. Rest assured I love my profession and I always put my best efforts in each assignment. Do not hesitate to contact me through the Contact page of this same website.

IITA Aflasafe

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Aflatoxin is fungus invisible to eye, it cannot be tasted and it cannot be smelled. It represents the main...

Aflatoxin Animation


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Wami Water is a brand of water sold in Italy. As part as its social responsability program, they re-invest...


NMB Fanikiwa

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NMB Fanikiwa Character animation in 2D. This kind of animations is very popular in Tanzania where NMB bank is leading...

A short advertising in 2D

Speed Test

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Speed Test When Vodacom first launched 4G network in Tanzania, it was all about speed. Vodacom wanted to show to...
Vodacom fun digital campaign

Online advertising


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Agribusiness Client requested a motiongraphic video to explain the new loans available in the agricultural business. Client: NMB. Agency: AIM Group,  Tanzania. My...

Internet advertising.


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Ramadhan Vodacom Tanzania was seeking to celebrate this time of the year dedicated to praying, these videos are meant to...

Vodacom campaign for Ramadan.

DIA New School

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DIA Documentary Project A short documentary about the construction of the new Dar es Salaam International Academy, commissioned by the...
A long term project to follow the construction

of the Dar es Salaam Academy.


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Wajibu Nmb is the largest Bank in Tanzania. When launching a line of products for kids and student savings, they...

Full internet campaign.


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Animations Here I collect those small animations that I am proud of, but they don't have enough weight to hold...

A selection of short animations.


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Sensorial This is a curious and interesting series of videos meant to be used in an app, built specifically to...
Sensorial experience.

A set of videos shown in a mobile app.

Karibu Nyumbani

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Karibu Nyumbani Kilimanjaro Beer had a campaign focusing on old friends, those that knows you since you were a young...
Welcome home!

The message of this successful campaign.

NDOVU mapping

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Welcome to my personal videomapping project on objects. This was a test were I imagined Ndovu would have commissioned...
Object mapping.

Ndovu beer evolve with a new variety of product.