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Hi, let me present you a selection of my work. I hope you will enjoy it. Rest assured I love my profession and I always put my best efforts in each assignment. Do not hesitate to contact me through the Contact page of this same website.

Bridges to Prosperity is a United States-based nonprofit organization that partners with local governments to connect communities via pedestrian bridges. Bridges to Prosperity is based in Denver, Colorado, with staff around the world and particolarly active in South America, East and West Africa.

B2P (short name of the NGO) commissioned me a photographic reportage to show the importance of one of its footbridges in the daily life of a family whose kid walk to school everyday.

Imundu is a young girl living in the outskirt of Kigali in Rwanda, in an area pretty much rural but densly populated. Before a walking bridge was built, the school was far away from Imundu’s home. Every morning she walks to school with her father on his way to work, together they walk to the bridge that now offers a shortcut and save them several kilometres. After that, they hire 2 bicycle taxy and they reach their respective destinations.

In the afternoon, Imundu’s mother goes to pick her up at known spot on the other side of the bridge, where the bicycle taxi leaves her on her way back from school. Together they walk back through the bridge until they reach home.

The bridge has changed their schedule radically and saved them a lot of time, providing an environmental friendly and quick way to reach their destination. Below, you will able to see part of this reportage that was completed with some short videography for social media.

Client: Bridges to Prosperity.

My Role: Photographer/Videomaker.