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Nmb is the largest Bank in Tanzania. When launching a line of products for kids and student savings, they wanted to have videos that could explain the importance of saving, future planning and benefits of it. The campaign was ambitious cause it included a microsite, a dedicated facebook page and content placed on different social medias. It was an important one and a big product to launch but it had to feel lighthearted and engaging, educational but entertaining. And I think we made it! After many auditions, we scouted our perfect protagonists and outlined already a storyline with the characteristics we wanted!

The campaign had great success and its popularity raised to almost 300,000 views on social medias.

Client: NMB.

Agency: AIM Group, Tanzania.

My Role: Direction, Editor. Photographer.

Credits: Aboubakar Malipula (cameraman), Lilian Magari (asst. editor), Shailin Makhani (producer).