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Karibu Nyumbani

Kilimanjaro Beer had a campaign focusing on old friends, those that knows you since you were a young boy. The tradition of going back home from the city you work or where you study, it is represented here meeting your friends again and enjoy with them around a beer.

I must say client was particularly happy about this video, cause it was one of those assignments that came in last minute and with a reduced budget, furthermore on top of it, we had to go shooting in Moshi, 800 kms away from Dar. The result, as I said, pleased the client and gained on social medias a large amount of views (around 80,000). It was also sincerely fun to shoot this video.

Client: Kilimanjaro Lager Beer.

Agency: AIM Group,  Tanzania.

My Role: Direction, Cameraman, Editing.

Credits: Lilian Magari (asst. camera and asst. editor).