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Hi, my webpage is continuously renovating. Please note that I am still working on improving the design of each portfolio single page and adding new samples of my work, especially photography.
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Best Event Awards is happening once a year in Milan. During this edition, the event was hosted in the main lounge of the Museum of Arts and Techniques where the tower of a huge oil tanker boat was dominating the room. The scenario was build just in front of it and BEA commissioned Mou Factory with a videomapping of that boat.

3 people working on it during almost 4 weeks but the result was spectacular with the peculiar integration of a dancer interacting with the projection. The surface was huge and complicated and the video doesn’t give justice to what actually was the live event.

Client: BEA (Best Event Awards)

Agency: Mou Factory, Italy.

My Role: Motiongraphics designer.

Credits: Francesco Artistico (motiongraphics designer), Edoardo Olivetto (motiongraphics designer).