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Hi, my webpage is continuously renovating. Please note that I am still working on improving the design of each portfolio single page and adding new samples of my work, especially photography.
Thanks for your understanding.

Africa Artist TV or Art Against Poverty is a large participatory project where the protagonist are artists from Kenya and Tanzania and they were given a small camera during a week to document themselves their own aspirations and art. The project include 45 videos (see link below to explore it fully) and was financed by CEFA (an Italian NGO) and the European Community, along with the Tanzanian Goethe Institute, part of the German collaboration in developing countries.

The idea was to give the artist a tool and platform to market themselves and raise awareness around art movements in Tanzania and Kenya.

Client: CEFA, Tanzania/Kenya.

Agency: CVF, European Community.

My Role: Motiongraphics, Editing.

Credits: Alessandra Argenti (cameraman).