That’s me, that’s my work.

Hi, let me present you a selection of my work. I hope you will enjoy it. Rest assured I love my profession and I always put my best efforts in each assignment. Do not hesitate to contact me through the Contact page of this same website.


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Parliament PMI was to present a new product in Dubai and wanted to surprise with the latest technology and gives...
Mapping on an object?

In Dubai for the presentation of Parliament.


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The video was commissioned by Siemens to explain the new product launched on the industrial market. My colleague Francesco and...

A promotional piece for Siemens.


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Un día con Saleta Castro Tom Tom Global had a program of sponsorship for athletes that could help to raise...

Awarded testimonial campaign for TOM TOM.


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Los Forzudos de Torotoro This was an amazing guerrilla marketing project that brought me around Spain during a month in...
Guerrilla marketing!

Videomapping around Spain for an NGO.


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Codigo de Barra Larios, the famous Gin brand, commissioned a fiction to celebrate with humor all the stories born in...

Short fiction movies by Jose Martret.