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Hi, my webpage is continuously renovating. Please note that I am still working on improving the design of each portfolio single page and adding new samples of my work, especially photography.
Thanks for your understanding.

Speed Test

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Speed Test When Vodacom first launched 4G network in Tanzania, it was all about speed. Vodacom wanted to show to...
Vodacom fun campaign to show

the fastest connection in Tanzania.


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Ramadhan Vodacom Tanzania was seeking to celebrate this time of the year dedicated to praying, these videos are meant to...

Vodacom campaign for Ramadan.

Kuwa Original

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Salama Condoms looked for a campaign that could outline a lifestyle and a consumer profile rather than only the...
Be original!

The title of this successful campaign.


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Wajibu Nmb is the largest Bank in Tanzania. When launching a line of products for kids and student savings, they...

Full internet campaign.


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Animations Here I collect those small animations that I am proud of, but they don't have enough weight to hold...

A selection of logos animation.


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Sensorial This is a curious and interesting series of videos meant to be used in an app, built specifically to...
Sensorial experience.

A set of videos shown in a mobile app.

Karibu Nyumbani

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Karibu Nyumbani Kilimanjaro Beer had a campaign focusing on old friends, those that knows you since you were a young...
Welcome home!

The message of this successful campaign.

NDOVU mapping

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Welcome to my personal videomapping project on objects. This was a test were I imagined Ndovu would have commissioned...
Object mapping.

Ndovu beer evolve with a new variety of product.


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Agribusiness Client requested a motiongraphic video to explain the new loans available in the agricultural business. Client: NMB. Agency: AIM Group,  Tanzania. My...

Internet advertising.


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EKYC EKYC is a technology that allows to speed up the official identification process when registering a new customer. It...

EKYC is an app to verify identities.

K-Vant Lifestyle

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Lifestyle and photography for K-Vant. The pictures spread on social medias brand channels, especially Instagram and Facebook. Agency: AIM Group, Tanzania. Client: K-Vant. My...
Lifestyle photography


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Music DVDs During 3 years, I have been working in the live music industry as a freelancer. I have been...

Excerpts from music DVD productions.

Fashion week

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Milan Fashion Week: around via Montenapoleone there is an exciting atmosphere during a full week once a year. Salvatore...
Ferragamo private party videomapping

during Milan Fashion Week.


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Best Event Awards is happening once a year in Milan. During this edition, the event was hosted in the...

Videomapping for Best Events Awards Milan.


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Parliament PMI was to present a new product in Dubai and wanted to surprise with the latest technology and gives...
Mapping on an object?

In Dubai for the presentation of Parliament.


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The video was commissioned by Siemens to explain the new product launched on the industrial market. My colleague Francesco and...

A promotional piece for Siemens.


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Un día con Saleta Castro Tom Tom Global had a program of sponsorship for athletes that could help to raise...

Awarded testimonial campaign for TOM TOM.


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Los Forzudos de Torotoro This was an amazing guerrilla marketing project that brought me around Spain during a month in...
Guerrilla marketing!

Videomapping around Spain for an NGO.


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Codigo de Barra Larios, the famous Gin brand, commissioned a fiction to celebrate with humor all the stories born in...

Short fiction movies by Jose Martret.